27/10/2024 - 31/10/2024


Date: 27/10/2024 - 31/10/2024

We have organized a UCT Summer Camp in Mijas (Spain) every year during or around the autumn holidays for 15 years. At the request of a few old participants, we restarted this week of training in the sun in 2023.  Again this week is planned in the autumn break from October 27 to Thursday October 31. The place to be is in Fuengirola in a great Hotel accommodation, there we have loads of variety in terms of food and drinks.

The camp would consist of four hours of training per day (not the usual 5/6 hours, because we also want to enjoy the sun a bit) The training sessions would consist of Xin Fa Nei Gong (For the non-connoisseurs: making better connections within your own physical capabilities in connection with the ‘mind’), practical fighting scenarios focused on self defense (not only focused on pure Wing Chun) and on the beach we tackle the ‘mechanics’ of the take down and how to defend it effectively. We then end with a small FSC to relax afterwards.

Accommodation costs are if we organize it and participants have no problem sharing room about 400 per person for 6 nights. If you want to look for accommodation yourself, you can do that too. I will indicate here as soon as possible where we will be with regard to the hotel.

Training costs: 210 euros for all days.

Per day: 65 euros

Our wonderful Hotel: Hotel Monarque Torreblanca (check it out at Booking and discover what a great accommodation you get for a budget price, with a train station from Malaga airport right behind the Hotel!)

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