Kung Fu

Practical Wing Chun

The main goal of the Practical Wing Chun system is to teach the most practical self-defense possible to students. In addition to the self-defense aspect, at our martial arts schools a great deal of attention is paid to the mental resilience, health of the students and for their overall fitness level. The group classes in Practical Wing Chun at the UCT Schools are suitable for all ages. Because of the specific content of the classes, it does not matter how old you are, what gender you are, what weight you are or what special build you may have. Our classes are based on technical skills that anyone can learn with some perseverance.

Nei Gong (Qi Gong)

Nei Gong (Qi Gong) is a ‘soft’ way of standing in different positions and consciously moving according to fixed patterns. The movements are often repeated in a relaxed manner in which the body is alternately tensed and released at specific moments. Through these movements the body is also ‘stretched’ in a way that is beneficial for the adhesions that many of us in today’s society often have to deal with. The slow repetition of the movements makes us move more ‘fluently’ and makes us more aware of our own bodies. The exercises in Chi Kung focus on both ‘internal movement’ and ‘external movement’.

Sathyong Kuen

Sathyong UCT

While the stand-up martial arts at UCT are primarily focused on effective self-defense (in conflict situations), there is also training that focuses on sparring and testing overall martial arts skills. The Sathyong Kuen (‘The Practical Fist’) program is aimed at this, it is a combination of Chinese boxing, Sanda and MMA. All Sathyong Kuen training sessions are designed to ensure the safety of the participants. Most training sessions are conducted by Sifu Benno Wai himself at the Academy in Amsterdam.

Sathyong UCT
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