I am interested in one of the UCT classes. What should I do?

Fill in this form to book a free trial class. You can also call us on +31206693212. After the free trial you can decide if you like the way we train and if you want to sign up.

I would like to sign up for a membership. How do I proceed?

If you indicate after the trial lesson that you like it and would like to keep training with us, ask the instructor present for a registration form to sign up for a UCT membership.

How long is the duration of the membership contract?

Depending on where you enroll, the duration of a contract at the UCT™ Academy in Amsterdam-Noord is 12 months. You cannot terminate the first 12 months. If you do, the notice period will start after the 12th month. So in practice you are committed to the UCT™ Academy for 12 months. Please refer to your agreement for the conditions with the other UCT™ Schools.

I would like to cancel my UCT membership. How do I proceed?

You write a letter or email to the UCT™ school in question and indicate that you wish to discontinue your studies. We greatly appreciate if you let us know why you are cancelling your membership. We welcome feedback.

How long is the notice period?

The notice period at all schools is 1 month. Beginning the month after receipt of the required cancellation letter. Example: when the letter of termination is received on May 20, the term of notice starts on June 1, you are still required to pay for the month of June.

I will go on vacation, do I continue to pay?

Yes. Because the mandatory vacation periods have already been taken into account in the contribution levels, so you will continue to pay during these vacation periods.

Annual Membership is being debited by UCT™ International what is this for?

Annual memberships are charged by UCT™ International, because this makes you a member the umbrella organization UCT™ International (which operates in multiple countries). Your membership allows you to participate in exams and special events. It is not possible to attend classes at a UCT™ school if the student is not a member of UCT™ International.

There is also an amount of € 7.50 debited what is this for?

The first year a one-time fee is debited for which the student receives a UCT™ Passport. He / she can keep track of her progress (exams) towards the UCT™ Black Belt (TG Degree)!

Do I have to cancel separately with UCT™ International when I have canceled with my own UCT School?

You must cancel your membership with UCT™ International yourself. You can do this by sending a letter to: UCT™ International Member Administration, Zamenhofstraat 108, 1022 AG, Amsterdam-Noord. Or by sending an email to info@uct-international.com

Additional questions

If you have any questions that you do not see listed here please let us know. Contact us at info@uct-international.com

Best regards,

Team UCT