About UCT

UCT International 

UCT International was founded in 2003 with the goal of offering the broadest possible curriculum in the field of self-defense. We live in a world where the distances are getting smaller and where we live more and more “on each other’s lips”. The polarization has certainly increased in recent years. By connecting in our classes and at the same time teaching our students the finer points of self-defense, we at UCT International hope to contribute to a more tolerant society.

A physical conflict often begins with a verbal conflict. We also pay attention to this aspect during our lessons, because it is always better to avoid a fight.

“Si vis pacem, para bellum” – If you want peace, prepare for war.

UCT Weerbaarheid voor kinderen 

Wing Chun Kung Fu

For the adults we offer Practical Wing Chun (Wing Tsun, Ving Tsun) Kung Fu, this was developed by GM Wan Kam Leung, here we focus purely on the most practical self-defense possible for physical unarmed conflicts.



Throughout the years it has unfortunately emerged strongly that more and more armed conflicts arise in which blows and stabbing weapons are used. Often this happens when the victim himself has no weapon. Here too we offer an effective way of ‘arming’ yourself against this kind of aggression. The ACE (Armed Combat Essentials) program was created for this purpose. The program is largely filled with the curriculum of the Escrima Concepts which was developed by GM Steve Tappin. In addition, it is supplemented with the AMOK weapon system of Tom Sotis.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

As it is known that the MMA is becoming more and more popular in the world of martial arts, we at UCT International do not offer MMA training, but we do offer the ultimate system that MMA uses when the fight ends on the ground, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Team UCT has been a well known Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team for years, led by coaches Pele Nguyen (Multiple BJJ Champion at international BJJ tournaments) and Benno Wai in the Netherlands. A team where technique is paramount and where training conditions are created to train injury free in a pleasant environment. Besides training with the Gi, there will also be weekly trainings in the field of Submission Grappling, the part where we train without the Gi.


UCT Instructors

All training under the UCT International banner is conducted by professional instructors who all have their students’ best interests at heart. Our Instructors want to help our students on their journey to become more resilient and all in a, for the student, pleasant atmosphere and environment.

If you are interested please contact us or book a free trial.